Photos from our 2021 Fall Show The Taming of the Shrew

Photos from our 2019 Fall Show Pride & Prejudice

Photos from our 2018 Fall Show A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Photos from our 2017 Fall Show Antigone (Anouilh)

A classic Greek tragedy with a 20th Century twist, Kellam’s production of Antigone was unforgettable.  A story about family love and family secrets, Antigone is determined to lay her brothers body to rest, defying the orders of the law, and specifically her uncle, Creon.  In Antigone’s attempts to bury her brother, she digs up family secrets she would have rather left unknown. 


Photos from our 2016 Fall Show To See the Stars.

It’s 1909 and the shirtwaist industry in New York is making profits of $50 million. But the young girls who work in the factories earn barely enough to live on, and their working conditions are brutal. When their pleas for help are rejected by the male-dominated union, the young girls who work at Johannsen’s Shirtwaist Factory band together to fight for a better life. They endure beatings, starvation and even prison but ultimately prevail, as the shirtwaist girls win the first industry-wide strike in American labor history. However the girls’ real victory is in changing the way they see themselves—not as victims, but as fighters—and in discovering the power of sisterhood.


Photos from our 2015 Fall Show, Romeo & Juliet 

A tragic love story as old as time, Romeo & Juliet makes an appearance in the roaring twenties! Structured around a time of wealth, crime, and living the high life, this old classic takes a modern(ish) turn. Two star-crossed lovers must maneuver through family feuds and try to relish in such sweet, forbidden love; however, when murder turns tensions to a near, all-out war, our two lovers must find a way to beat the odds and be together, as they are clearly destined to be. Will true love prevail? Or is fate the ultimate master? Come find out!